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Detections: O2

Gas Type: UHP • IND • SP

The world’s only all-optical ultratrace oxygen analyzer. Ideal addition to HALO KA and HALO KA Max analyzers for purity monitoring of bulk gases used in semiconductor manufacturing.

Available Background Gases

N2 • He • Ar • H2 • CO2

Features and Benefits

  • Part-per-trillion detection limits
  • Calibration-free with zero drift
  • Outstanding speed of response
  • No false spiking or false positives


  • UHP Gas quality control
  • Semiconductor bulk gas
  • Oxygen analysis in CO2
  • Fuel-cell hydrogen analysis

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485, 4-20mA analog, Modbus TCP (optional)

Options & Accessories 

  • Serani Max interface software
  • Requires H2 utility gas


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