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   Extrel APIMS (Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation Mass Spectroscopy) available from POSAS now!




Please note

The following product families will no longer be supported, including spare parts and service or repair support, starting July 1, 2021:

  • Mini Hi-Con
  • IN-2000
  • dFFOZ and gFFOZ
  • SCI-Controllers
  • Ozone Generators

A limited stock of spare parts (e.g. lamps for IN-2000, dFFOZ/ gFFOZ and Mini Hi-Con) is still available. Please contact us for details!

Products include but are not limited to: MiniHiCon-HP WM, MiniHiCon BT, MiniHiCon-HP with SC010, gFFOZ, gFFOZ-HH, SCI-Plus, SCI-Turbo Mega, SCI-Turbo L, MiniSci, IN-2000-L2LC, IN-2000-1, IN-2000-IE-3, IN-2000-IE-5, IN-2000-AN-3, IN-2000-AN-5, IN-2000-L2LC+W, dFFOZ, dFFOZ-S, dFFOZ-P, dFFOZ-TR.



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