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The CAT-O3 series ​of ozone destructs safely decompose high concentrations of ozone gas to sub-ppm levels that are below recommended ozone safety limits. The catalytic method of decomposition uses a metal oxide catalyst to passively convert the ozone to oxygen.
The CAT-O3 series of ozone destructs are made from a welded stainless steel enclosure protected with a heat shield. They are carefully designed to meet the industry’s stringent safety performance requirements.​



  • All welded construction
  • Self contained
  • Rapid reaction time
  • No consumables
  • No maintenance
  • Simple installation



Application                                           Catalytic Ozone Destruct  
​Principle of Operation    Catalytic
​Catalyst Manganese dioxide based compound​
Outlet Concentration <0.01 ppm (well below OSHA requirements)​
Material Aluminum with SS fittings​
Capacity (up to)        CAT-03-E: 20 SLPM​ at 340 g/Nm
CAT-03-F: 32 SLPM at 340 g/Nm3
CAT-03-G: 88 SLPM at 200 g/Nm3   
Inlet/Outlets      CAT-03-E: 1/2" stainless steel stubs or 1/2" male VCR​​
CAT-03-F: 1/2" stainless steel stubs or 1/2" male VCR
CAT-03-G: 3/4" male VCR
Outside Cylinder Dimensions

CAT-03-E: 17.00" x 4.00" x 5.13" (431.80 mm x 101.60 mm x 130.30 mm)
CAT-03-F: 25.50" x 4.00" x 5.13" (640.08 mm x 101.60 mm x 130.30 mm)
CAT-03-G: 23.28" x 7.00" x 7.38" (591.30 mm x 177.80 mm x 187.50 mm)
External Temperature Below 30°C or 86°F
Maintenance None
Lifetime 3 to 5 years or longer
Heater Option Available for wet, off gas applications
​​​​Warranty 1 year​​



  • Semiconductor
    • CVD TEOS/Ozone
    • ALD
    • MOCVD
    • Ashers
    • Wet Benches
    • Spray Tools
    • Other