The Industry Standard for Reproducible Vapor Delivery Control

There are four Versions of the Sensor:


The Piezocon® Gas Concentration Sensor has become the industry standard among semiconductor manufacturers for accurate monitoring and reproducible delivery control of chemical precursor vapors and dopant gases in CVD and MOCVD process tools.

Production-proven with over 5,000 installations worldwide, the Piezocon system provides:

  • Improved process reproducibility and increased yield by tightly controlling the delivery of process gases and of precursor chemical vapors
  • Lower cost-of-operation by allowing more effective use of precursor chemicals, extending the use of precursor chemical sources and reducing the duration of flow to vent
  • Easier tool-to-tool matching with quantitative information directly meaningful to equipment and process engineers
  • Assistance in troubleshooting malfunction of gas and vapor delivery systems by using built-in diagnostic utilities

The Piezocon system is widely used by silicon, LED and compound semiconductor wafer and device manufacturers due to its unique ability to provide highly accurate and reproducible gas & vapor delivery monitoring. It also ensures improved process control, and can be used with a broad range of gas:gas or vapor:gas mixtures for many diverse applications.


Lowers Cost-of-Operation

The Piezocon system lowers the tool’s cost-of-operation by extending the use of precursor cylinder, bubbler or sublimater sources. Fewer vessel changes mean higher ROI and more capacity without adding more processing tools.

Easier Tool-to-Tool Matching

Tool-to-tool matching is facilitated by the Piezocon system’s ability to provide relevant quantitative information on the ratio of precursor vapor to carrier gas concentration; and precursor delivery rate (g/min or mole/min) to the process chamber.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Capabilities

The Piezocon system generates log data files with information such as vapor carrier gas concentration, precursor delivery rate, and MFC set-point, allowing optimization of the delivery system and identification of any malfunction, such as issues with the bubbler temperature or pressure, MFCs, pressure controllers, etc.