The Complete Solution for Precision Point-of-Use Gas Mixing

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The Apex Gas Mixing System, powered by Veeco’s production-proven Piezocon® Gas Concentration Sensor, allows manufacturers to reduce production costs by purchasing lower-cost, higher-concentration gases, then diluting at the point of use to immediately reduce gas purchase costs by as much as 60 percent. By using Piezocon to measure and control the mixture in real time, manufacturers eliminate the problems associated with constant flow mixers requiring wasted materials and constant scrubbing, furthering the already substantial cost savings. The stable output and precise control of gas concentration allows Apex to drive higher process tool up-time, eliminating the need to re-qualify after every gas cylinder change, reducing—and in some cases fully eliminating—system down-time due to routine cylinder changes. Apex drives real-time control, high precision and reproducibility and lowers cost of ownership for semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Optimized for applications requiring low-concentration, high-precision and cost-sensitive gas mixtures
  • Improves repeatability by 10x or more when compared to individual gas cylinders
  • Increases system up-time by eliminating excursions and re-qualifications, and reducing test time
  • Immediately reduces gas purchase costs by as much as 60 percent
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing installed base for a wide range of applications including solar, semiconductor and more
  • The only gas mixing system that uses Veeco’s Piezocon Gas Concentration Sensor for ppm-level control


Apex Specifications - Example for 1% GeH4

Input gas #1 10–100% GeH4/H2
Input gas #2 UHP Hydrogen 5.0 Grade
Overall dimensions (width x depth x height) 34” x 28.2” x 93.8”
Accumulator tank Electropolished — 100 L
Enclosure Painted enclosure for indoor application
Output gas concentration range 1–10% (typical)
Output gas concentration repeatability ± 0.003% (absolute range)
Output flow rate (average) 0 - 8 SLPM
Output pressure 55–65 psig
Inlet to supply pressure drop 40-45 psig
Operating voltage 100/240 VAC, 6 AMPS, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase
2nd Sensor to validate output gas Standard
Capability to Match to current process cylinder Automated routine for matching to reference cylinder
PLC and HMI Touchscreen interface with P&ID layout
Automated Maintenance routines Automated pump/purge routines
Wafer Fab Communications Connectivity Modbus TCP
Toxic Gas Monitor Standard (GeH4 0.2 ppm TLV)
Certifications CE, SEMI-S2, S6, S8
Trace contaminants analysis <10 ppbO2, H2O
Light Tower 3 light configuration (R, Y, G)


Apex GMS Cost of Ownership and ROI Example for 1% GeH4

1% GeH4 10% GeH4 20% GeH4
Without Apex With Apex With Apex

Approx Cost per Cylinder

$4,000 $14,000 $19,500
1% Equivalent Cylinders 1 5,5 12
# Cylinders required per Month 20 3,6 1,7
Material Cost per Month $80,000 $50,400 $33,150
Material Savings per Month  - $29,600 $46,850
% Material Savings per Month  - 37% 59%
Approx Apex GMS Payback
 - 11 – 12 7–8
Approx ROI for First-Year Period  - 95–105% 155–165%


For real-time control, high precision and repeatability, and lower cost of ownership, count on the Apex Gas Mixing System from Veeco.