Detections: H2 • O2 • CH4 • CH2O • CH2O2 •  N2 • Ar • He

Gas Type: UHP • IND

The MAX300-LG™ brings an unmatched combination of speed, sensitivity and precision to continuous, quantitative gas analysis. Based on cutting-edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology, the MAX300-LG has the dynamic range to measure component concentrations from 100% down to the low parts per billion (ppb) in many gas or vapor samples. It provides a full composition update every few seconds and can analyze multiple sample points in a fully automated analysis routine.

Available Background Gases

N2 • He • Ar • H2  and many more

Features and Benefits 

  • Measures any gas/vapor sample
  • Provides complete quantitative sample composition
  • Real-time analysis of the input and effluent streams reveals what is happening in the reaction
  • Useful at every stage of process development: laboratory, pilot, production


  • UHP Gas quality control
  • Quality control for process gas or bulk gas systems
  • Fuel-cell hydrogen analysis

Communication & Software

  • Questor 5 Process Control Software
  • Tracks and records data
  • Automated alarms, validations and calibrations
  • Network accessible
  • Secure to 21 CFR Part 11
  • Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, digital I/O, analog I/O, OPC


The MAX-300’s industry-leading 19mm quadrupole mass filter, combined with state-of-the-art electronics, provides the user with an impressive list of advantages:

  • Near-zero mass scale drift for outstanding measurement precision and stability
  • Uniform resolution across the entire mass range for ultra-high sensitivity to all compounds
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion and contamination for longterm, continuous, lowmaintenance operation 
  • Performance specifications that exceed those common to other mass spectrometers and process technologies


max300 lg tabelle