Detections: H2 • O2 • CH4 • H2O • CO • CO2 • NH3 • N2 • Ar • CxHy

Gas Type: UHP 

Ultra-high purity gas analyzers from Extrel have the speed, sensitivity, and ease-of-use to continuously monitor Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Oxygen, and Hydrogen supply streams and rapidly report pptlevel contamination to protect the electronics fabrication process. The VeraSpec™ APIMS combines Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) technology with a highperformance mass spectrometer (MS) optimized for ppt-level UHP gas analysis to mainly serve customers in the semiconductor industry.

Available Background Gases

N2 • He • Ar • H2

Features and Benefits

  • Confident supply of UHP production gases y
  • One analyzer for multiple contaminants y
  • Fully automated, real-time contamination alerts y
  • Reliable 24/7 process protection y
  • Maximized wafer yields


  • UHP Gas quality control 
  • Semiconductor bulk gas 
  • Quality control for process gas or bulk gas systems

Communication & Software 

  • Questor 5 Process Control Software 
  • Tracks and records data 
  • Automated alarms, validations and calibrations 
  • Network accessible 
  • Secure to 21 CFR Part 11 
  • Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, digital I/O, analog I/O, OPC


Atmospheric pressure ionization is a technique that gives a mass spectrometer the very highest sensitivity for trace gas analysis in UHP samples.

Additional features: 

  • Easy-change Corona Discharge Needle 
  • Dual Source (API/EI) ionization functionality 
  • All-metal system and fittings design 
  • Dry, oil-free pumping configuration (single backing pump) 
  • 1-500 amu standard configuration (multiple mass ranges available) 
  • Pulse-counting electron multiplier 
  • Simple maintenance (<1 per year)


veraspec apims tabelle