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    Pfeil Ozone Sales and Service GmbH

Teledyne API: a global market leader in air quality and ​process gas monitoring instrumentation.

Mini ODS

Compact High-Purity Ozone Delivery System

SCI-552+SERIES 5000

The Mini ODS is a compact, integrated ozone delivery system designed to produce ozone concentrations of 21% w/w, 320g/Nm3 for a wide range of wafer processing applications. It is a very compact yet complete ozone delivery system, including: a high purity ozone generator, high concentration ozone monitor, microprocessor based controller, and all the required regulators and pneumatics.

The Mini ODS is expandable to support additional ozone generators running independent processes that require different levels of ozone concentrations and flow rates. The system is easy to use and maintain. There are no consumables or requirements for preventive maintenance. 

The Mini ODS can also interface to a​ dissolved ozone analyzer typically required in wet processes. For added safety, it can be interlocked with Teledyne API’s multichannel ozone leak detectors and ozone destruct sub-systems.​