• Pfeil Ozone Sales and Service GmbH
    Pfeil Ozone Sales and Service GmbH

Originally founded in 2004 as the European distributor of INUSA, Inc. and Lorex Industries, Inc., the POSAS GmbH can offer all kinds of Ozone Equipment:
Generators, Analysers, Destruct Units or complete Ozone Delivery Systems

Also we offer Sensor Products to enhance the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) via Advanced Process Control (APC) like the Piezocon concentration sensor for precise precursor delivery, NDIR end point detectors for NF3 cleans, CO2 ... and In Situ Wafer Temperature Measurement.

Products to enhance OEE

  • Piezocon for precise vaptor delivery
  • End point detection (for NF3 cleans etc. ...)
  • Applied precision: Flow Point Controller
  • Wafer Temperature Monitoring
  • WetSpec: Wet Process Analyser


  • Providing the Best Ozone Equipment available
  • Enable the Industry to save cost via effectively monitoring and controlling high purity process media (APC)

Ozone Products

  • Generators
  • Analysers
  • Destructs
  • Turn Key Ozone Systems